To Create an Economically and Socially Balanced, New Age Greenfield Smart Industrial City with World-Class Infrastructure, Sustaining a High Quality of Life that is Green and Sustainable.
            Shri Bhupendra Patel
            Hon'ble Chief Minister
            of Gujarat
            Shri Raj Kumar, IAS
            Chairman - DICDL
            Shri Hareet Shukla, IAS
            Managing Director - DICDL


            • To be a Global Manufacturing Hub.
            • To adopt a Sustainable Approach across Key Components to create A New Era Smart City.
            • Create Employment opportunities for skilled and unskilled workforce.
            • To promote Ease of Doing Business to create a Business friendly environment

            Latest Updates

            Is Dholera India’s answer to China’s Industrial hubs
            Dholera Special Investment Region (SIR) is part of National Industrial Corridor Development Corporation's ambitious program to create new industrial smart cities through the Delhi-Mumbai industrial corridor. In this video, the ET Online team brings a report on the under-development project from Gujarat.
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            Dholera, Gujarat’s futuristic greenfield city in making — from solar park to Make in India chip hub
            Dholera (Gujarat): Large tracts of lush green fields, farmers tending to crops, villagers sitting in the open on cots, cattle roaming around — the rural setting as one enters Dholera village, some 100 km southwest of Ahmedabad, is quite a contrast to the shiny, hi-tech new industrial city that is coming up in the vicinity as a part of the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC).
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            India’s manufacturing push takes an audacious gamble on chips
            DHOLERA (INDIA): India plans to transform a vast tract of salty marshland in Prime Minister Narendra Modi's home state into the most ambitious demonstration of its push to be recognized as a serious player in advanced manufacturing, and an alternative to China.
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            CM Bhupendra Patel Visit Dholera Sir: મુખ્યપ્રધાને કહ્યું- "વડાપ્રધાનનું સ્વપ્ન સાકાર થઈ રહ્યું છે"
            દેશના 100 સ્માર્ટ શહેરોના વિકાસની યોજનામાં ગુજરાતના ધોલેરા સર (Know Dholera SIR) અને ગિફ્ટ સિટીનો પણ સમાવેશ કરવામાં આવ્યો છે. 2022માં આયોજિત 10મી વાયબ્રન્ટ ગુજરાત સમિટમાં (Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit 2022) ઉપસ્થિત રહી ગુજરાતની વિકાસયાત્રામાં સહભાગી બનવા મુખ્યપ્રધાન ભૂપેન્દ્ર પટેલે (CM Bhupendra Patel Visits Dholera Sir) સૌ ઉદ્યોગકાર- રોકાણકારોને ધોલેરા સરની (Dholera SIR) મુલાકાત બાદ આમંત્રણ પાઠવ્યું હતું. તેમણે ધોલેરા સરમાં ચાલી રહેલા પ્રકલ્પોની પ્રગતિનું નિરીક્ષણ કર્યું હતું અને સંતોષ વ્યક્ત કર્યો હતો.
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            Dholera SIR: Updates
            આદરણીય પ્રધાનમંત્રી શ્રી નરેન્દ્રભાઈ મોદીજીના સ્વપ્નને સાકાર કરતા ‘ધોલેરા સ્પેશિયલ ઈન્વેસ્ટમેન્ટ રીજીયનના’ વિકાસ બાબતે મુલાકાત લઈ સમગ્ર કામગીરીની સમિક્ષા કરી હતી.
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            CM reviews progress at Dholera SIR
            Gandhinagar: Even as the state government looks to showcase the Dholera Special Investment Region (SIR) as a world-class plug-and play greenfield industrial smart city at the coming Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit (VGGS), the chief minister visited the SIR on Friday to review progress of various works there.
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            2 firms begin construction of units at Dholera SIR
            The foundation of two industries have already been laid. The chief minister has seen this. The planning is now being implemented on ground," said Hareet Shukla, CEO of Dholera SIR.
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            Gujarat ACS Rajiv Gupta leads push to promote Dholera special investment region

            GANDHINAGAR: After pumping in significant funds into infrastructure development of
            Dholera special investment region (SIR), the Gujarat government has started aggressive
            marketing to attract industries. The push comes after a long gap.
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